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Making a Difference in the Lives of Others


At Theta Research Institute, we provide a wide range of individuals and organizations alike the chance to improve their lives through our contributions. Our J.R. Lunan Fluency Freedom Research Award Grant is a great representation of how much we care about giving back to the global community by encouraging novel research to end stuttering. All of our efforts go towards helping those in need — and our recipients benefit from the support they receive. Each year the applications open up for the Fluency Freedom Award. Please contact us for the application package or subscribe below for updates. 

J.R. ("Jack") Lunan

The J.R. Lunan Fluency Freedom Research Award includes an award plaque and a cash grant. The award is named after John Russell ("Jack") Lunan a Canadian accountant who passed away in 2013 at the age of 91, stuttered every day of his life, and in the latter years believed stuttering was caused by an early-onset anxiety response and not a physical defect. He never found a cure for himself but he would have been proud of the work of formal and informal researchers striving to help the plight of people who stutter.


  • To apply your research must have led to a method to eliminate stuttering, stammering and blocking or eliminated speech anxiety. 

  • Efficacy should be greater than 60%

  • The method must be non-chemical (no pharmaceuticals), non-invasive (no surgery or implants) and not require an outside mechanical device to maintain fluency.

  • The full method must be published in the public domain so that anyone without cost (except for nominal cost like the normal price of a book) may study and apply the method

  • The research must have been done on a valid sample size

  • The method has been validated as repeatable

  • The results should have been verified with before and after videos or testimonials and all references are verifiable.

If your work meets these criteria please feel free to apply. 

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